Rabu, 13 Februari 2008


Thanks before....

Good morning Ladies and gentlemen. Dear brothers and sisters.

Thank you for the chance given to me. I am very honoured to stand here to deliver my speech.. Firstable I want to introduce my self, my name is vina , I’m 17 years old.

Before I start my speech I want to thanks to God, because,I’m nothing without Him.

And I thanks to my parents , my teachers and I don’t forget too, my friends, because my life is empty without them.

Okay in this very nice occasion I want to talk about “ what can I do for my school?”

Let me begin by a simple statement from me, do you want to hear me??

Yes I think, because you’ve bored here, listening a lot of speech.

I will start it with the another way. Now I want to ask you.
Everyone at this school. Do you ever get a punishment?? I’m sure everyone of you ever get punishment, Include our teacher I don’t know maybe from our teachers or from our head master. When you get a punishment You didn’t like it, you’re spoiled and get angry. Then you can say “oh… I hate this school” or you can singing. Like “Cause you had a bad day You're taking one down” yes you ever do it. But that just a little thing , that cannot erased your memory. Come on close your eyes and hear my voice. Just get flashback, remember at the first time you arrived here and remember your everything that can make you happy at this school, when you’re laugh together with your friend, you feel funny and you can’t stop smiling, you’re so happy. You get a good mark and you say “horray”. Remember when you’re get down and you crying together because of love, because of your family, your friends here, accompany you, your teachers here understand you. Now open your eyes, and reliazed how can you get this precious moment? Its from our great high school. As we grow up everything can be chance,my hair, my voice, my life. But memory will not be fade from my brain, it’s there and alaways be there. We will remember many things that make us laugh and cry when we was high school students.

Now one thing that crossed my mind. What can I do for my school?

I have simple experience that expressed a little thing that I wan to do for my school. A few a days ago, this school held an even, we must clean up our class and decorated it. My friends work hard , sleep late , make some decoration and buy some ribbons to win this competititon. But when I go walk around to see the another class, I feel so sad because theres a lot of class doing almost nothing to their class. I think this competition can show how our contribution for our school, but why they not give the best?

That’s the point,what can I, what can we do for this school is giving the best and make them proud. Not just at this event but everyday in this school. So I can make a comfort place for study. Maybe now I just can spread my spirits, my smile and just can decorate my own class. But who knows, when I’m absolutely grown and be a successful woman, I can renovated this school. Make this school to be a great high school.

I think that's all I have to say now. Thank you for your


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